A Superior Trimmer for Superior Growers


The Triminator® Monster Drum is the largest leaf trimmer available, giving you the confidence to know you can process your crop quickly and efficiently during critical harvest windows.
  • Maximum cutting surface, up to 30% more trimming area than competitors
  • Highest volume feed-in tray for large scale processing
  • 19,600 cuts per minute for the fastest trim
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The Triminator’s® patent pending Trim Logic design offers a precise and tight trim, meaning less time doing quality control and hand touch ups. Engineered to provide two blades shearing against each other, the Triminator® provides an end product that makes even the best hand trimmers envious.
  • .0025″ trimming clearance (approximately the thickness of office paper)
  • Blades and drum rotate in opposite directions providing a true cutting motion
  • Industry leading cutting blade velocity of 26 M/s for quick trimming
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Self Cleaning System

Triminator’s patent pending Resin Repel system keeps the drum cleaner longer, avoiding resin and plant material build up. A programmable automatic timer lets you chose how often and how long to mist, to accommodate all varieties of plants.
  • Programmable microprocessor for adjustable misting intervals and duration
  • Resin Repel system provides an atomized water layer to keep drum and blades clean
  • Automatic microprocessor does the cleaning for you so you don’t have to
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No Bed-Knife = Low Maintenance

Our bed-knife free design and simple assembly allow you to pressure wash the entire machine in seconds. Thoughtful engineering prevents excess wear on the blades and drum, eliminates user adjustments and insures a lifetime of high performance trimming from your machine.

  • No bed-knife for easy cleaning
  • Pressure washable
  • Disassembles in as little as 10 seconds
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Safe and User Friendly

The Triminator’s® controls are easy to reach, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity. Belt guards and covers protect the operator from harm.

  • Easy reach controls and extra-large feed-in tray reduce operator fatigue
  • Industry’s first motor brake stops the cutting reel quickly, keeping you safe during operation and cleaning
  • 100% fully covered belts and blades protect fingers and clothing

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