[Rosin Pressing] Girl Scout Cookies with the Triminator TRP Stack

The Girl Scout Cookies cannabis used in this video was 2 weeks old and grown in Portland, Oregon.

We used two 2” x 9.5” 36 micron Triminator Nylon Rosin Bags each filled with around 31 grams of flower broken up by hand with large stems removed. We filled the bags and worked the flower down to compact it so there would be less movement inside the bag when pressing rosin.

Using 190 degrees fahrenheit, our yield was a solid 20%. While pressing as soon as we noticed a color change we pulled the product out.

The starting pressure was 3000psi and when the bag began to wet out along most of the front, we increased the pressure in increments. 6000psi was the final pressure. The total press time around 3 minutes however we didn’t use a timer, we based our press on visual appearance of the rosin.

Rosin Press Overview

Location: Vancouver, Washington

Micron Size: 36

Triminator Rosin Bag Size: 2.5” x 9”

Temp: 190

Pressure: Starting pressure was 3000psi, when the bag wet out along the front we increased to 4000psi, then when flow slowed, increased to 6000psi.

Material: 2 weeks old, Girl Scout Cookies

Qty: 61.5 grams of flower broken up by hand and compacted by hand.

Yield: 12.4 grams (20%)

Total Press Time: about 3 mins

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