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DEC 1 - 31

Triminator TRP Stack with plattens open

Rosin TRP Stack

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Triminator Kief Kit

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Hybrid™ Wet/Dry Trimmer

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We know harvest timing is critical; that's why all orders will be shipped the same day when paid by 11 AM Pacific time. Excludes freight shipments and custom orders.


A Machine for Every Step

Whether your end product is biomass or smokable flower, we have a machine to automate your process.

Post-Harvest Cannabis Equipment

Triminator is an industry leader in providing high-quality equipment to cannabis processors. Take a look and see what our machines have to offer, from buckers to trimmers and rosin presses, Triminator delivers potent, consistent products.

Valuable insights from the front lines of the hemp and cannabis industry

As a global leader in post-harvest hemp and cannabis equipment, our award-winning team is here to help educate you on a variety of topics from field harvest to extraction.  Visit our blog or listen to our podcast today.

50 acres of cbg hemp


NorCal Born | Trusted Globally

We work with the global farming community, providing innovative harvest solutions to help growers increase productivity and profitability in the rapidly evolving hemp and cannabis market.

chosen by the world's top production companies

GMP Solutions

Safely, and effectively clean your cannabis equipment with GMP Solutions Step 1 Cleaner. This powerful formula removes tough resin buildups and soils, helping you meet your GMP cleaning requirements.


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