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The Benefits of Commercial Solventless Extraction Equipment

Cannabis concentrates are one of the hottest products on the market, with unprecedented popularity that’s expected to continue to grow steadily over the next...
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What Is Live Rosin and How Is It Different?

After the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup debuted hash oil and changed the cannabis world forever, cannabis concentrates have become exceedingly popular. An array...
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Everything You Need To Know About Ice Water Hash

Ice water hash, commonly referred to as bubble hash, is a popular solventless cannabis concentrate known for its potent effects.  What Is Ice Water...
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Solventless Rosin vs. BHO Extracts: What Are The Differences & Which Is Better?

We discuss the differences between BHO and solventless rosin. Learn the pros and cons of each and which option is best for you. While...
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How To Write a Cannabis Cultivation Business Plan

A business plan for cannabis will help you get organized, licensed, and profitable. But it could also increase your profits. Learn more here. A...
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Trimming Cannabis at an Industrial Scale

Growing big? Check out this guide to trimming cannabis and hemp at scale — and go beyond the limitations of hand trimming. When it...
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How To Get a Michigan Grower’s License For Cannabis Production

The Wolverine State is an increasingly hot recreational market. Check out this step-by-step rundown of how to win a Michigan grower's license. Now is...
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10 Simple Steps: How to Sell to Dispensaries and Grow Your Cannabis Business

Learn how to sell to dispensaries: find the 'cannabis purchaser,' write your proposal, and avoid critical mistakes that could cost you revenue. In the...
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How To Find The Best Automatic Bud Trimmer For You

It's time to ditch those manual bud trimmers. If you're reading this article, we've got to assume you're in the market for an automatic...
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