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S2 EP2 | Cannabis Marketing with John Shute

In this episode, we talk with John Shute, founder of PufCreativ, about the challenges of starting up a...

S2 EP1 | Regenerative Farming with Joey Burger & Tamara Thorn

Joey Burger, the Humboldt local, and Tamara Thorn, owner of Heal Thyself Gardens, talk with us about starting...

S1 EP10: The Evolution of the Solventless World – Nikka T

In this episode we chat with Nikka T, founder of Essential Extracts, Cannabis Cup Judge, Ganjier teacher, and...

S1 EP9: Mechanical Separation of THCA – Nick Rakkems

In this episode, we're going to be chatting about mechanical separation of THCA with Nick Rakkems of Rakkems...

S1 EP8: Cannabis Decontamination – Jill Ellsworth

In this episode, we're going to be chatting about cannabis decontamination with Jill Ellsworth, founder of Willow Industries....

S1 EP7: Royal Gold Soil

In this episode, we will chat with Mike and Rick from Royal Gold Soil in the heart of...

S1 EP6: Curious About Cannabis – Jason Wilson

In this episode, we’re chatting with Jason Wilson, host of the Curious About Cannabis podcast and author of...

S1 EP5: Cannabis in Australia – Tom Forrest

In this episode we chat with Tom Forrest, Co-Founder of Indicated Technology out of Melbourne, Australia. In 2018...

S1 EP4: Rosin Pressing in Oklahoma – Jeremy Babbitt

In this episode we chat with Jeremy Babbitt from 918 OG in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We cover rosin pressing,...

S1 EP3: Molecular Genetics – CJ Schwartz

In this episode we chat with CJ Schwartz from Industrial Hemp Genetics. CJ talks with us about plant...

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