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Everything we do at Triminator starts with the cannabis farmer. Our story began in Northern California when a few grower friends asked us to create a machine that could trim their premium flower at a commercial scale. From our humble start, we worked tirelessly to engineer equipment to help fulfill the increasing needs of the grower, expanding our product line to encompass the entire process from the field to the final dried product. 

Today as part of Eteros Technologies, and combined with our Mobius product line, we offer the most comprehensive range of cannabis and hemp processing equipment in the world. We proudly supply some of the most advanced farms across the globe and maintain our commitment to supporting farmers both large and small. We continue to engineer harvest solutions based on feedback from our friends in the farming community; to help growers increase productivity and profitability in the rapidly evolving cannabis market.

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Own Your Harvest


We work exclusively in cannabis, from premium indoor to massive outdoor. Our sole focus is engineering equipment for cannabis and hemp farmers.


We built our business from the ground up, with sweat equity and our own capital. Like the farmers we serve, we know that being independent gives you the freedom to take real risks and make real changes.

100% In-House

We design and manufacture everything in-house, giving us flexibility in our designs and total control over our quality.


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