Cannabis Trimming at its best

Pure, gentle, and lubricant free

Trimmer Models

Triminator trimmers are designed to trim the leaves off of wet or dry cannabis and hemp. Although hand trimming can offer high-quality results, it’s not always economical or efficient for a grower. Triminator bud trimming machines are designed to offer a fast, quiet, lubricant-free solution to hand trimming while providing a gentle trim that mimics hand trimming.


Feed Rate 15-40 lbs/hr  |  Material Type Dry, Semi-Dry, Wet

Mini Dry

Feed Rate 5 lbs/hr  |  Material Type Dry


Feed Rate 8 lbs/hr  |  Material Type Dry

XL Dry

Feed Rate 60 lbs/hr  |  Material Type Dry


Feed Rate 1,500+ lbs/hr  |  Material Type Dry

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