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Bud Trimmer Models

Triminator bud trimmers are designed to trim the leaves and excess plant material off of wet or dry cannabis and hemp flowers. While hand trimming can offer high-quality results, it’s challenging to perform on a commercial scale, and not economical or efficient for a grower. Triminator cannabis trimmers are designed to offer a fast, quiet, and lubricant-free solution to bud trimming while providing a gentle trim that mimics a hand trimmer’s results.

Find Your Best Bud Trimmer

Triminator offers bud trimmers for all different sized grows and cannabis trimming processes. Whether you need a batch-style or throughput-style bud trimmer machine, or you plan to process only dry, or both wet and dry flower, Triminator offers a wide range of machine trimming options to best suit the needs of your facility. From small, boutique style growers to mid-sized operations and large-scale full cultivation and processing facilities, Triminator trimmers will boost efficiency, product consistency, and drive quality in the end products.


Feed Rate 15-40 lbs/hr  |  Material Type Dry, Semi-Dry, Wet Bud

Mini Dry

Feed Rate 8 lbs/hr  |  Material Type Dry Bud


Feed Rate 20 lbs/hr  |  Material Type Dry Bud

XL Dry

Feed Rate 60 lbs/hr  |  Material Type Dry Bud


Feed Rate 1,500+ lbs/hr  |  Material Type Dry Bud

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Bud Trimmer FAQs

Can the trimmers work with various sizes and shapes of buds?

Trimming involves removing the fan leaves, sugar leaves, and any excess plant material from the buds after they have been harvested. In dry trimming, this is performed after the flower has been dried, typically about 1-2 weeks after the harvest, allowing the plants time to reach the ideal moisture content. For wet trimming procedures, the flower is trimmed soon after harvesting while the buds still have a higher moisture level.

Do Triminator bud trimmers come with a warranty or after-sales support?

All Triminator equipment, including all of the cannabis trimmer models, come with a one-year warranty after purchase. The warranty policy allows you to be sure of the quality and longevity of your equipment. With serviceable parts and easy maintenance, Triminator trimmers will last through years of large or small harvests.

Triminator also offers after-sales support for ongoing service to our vendors and clients. From instructional videos and on-demand customer support to educational content and machine operation tips, Triminator has full-service support to ensure operational excellence.

Are the machines easy to clean and maintain?

Triminator machines are user-friendly and easy to operate and maintain. From tool-free disassembly to pressure washable equipment, the trimmers can be cleaned in minutes, hassle-free.

What is the difference between wet and dry trimming?

Dry trimming involves removing the fan and sugar leaves and any excess plant material from the buds after they have been dried. Compared to wet trimming, where flower is trimmed soon after harvesting, dry trimming is typically performed about 1-2 weeks after the harvest, allowing the plants time to dry to the ideal moisture content.

What is the overall build quality and durability of a Triminator bud trimmer?

A trimming machine should be built to last, with durable components and a solid construction. Triminator's innovative equipment makes us a leader in the commercial cannabis industry, offering five different trimmer options to accommodate any size and scale of operation. Triminator trimmers are made with stainless steel and food-grade components, ensuring an easy-to-clean design and careful handling of your product for pure, potent flowers.