Equipment leasing and financing

Why Finance?

Low Monthly Payments

Low monthly payments and minimal upfront costs allow for better operational cash flow for your farm or processing facility.

Improved Productivity

Reduce your harvesting costs and improve productivity over multiple seasons with our competitive equipment leasing programs.

Preserves Cash

Free your operating lines of credit from the requirements of straight purchases so you can utilize your available cash and credit more productively in other parts of your business.

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The Harvest Advantage Lease

Improve your productivity and your cash flow, with our cannabis and CBD hemp equipment leasing programs.  


Financing FAQs

What is the minimum amount I can finance?

Our financing partners can finance transactions of $10,000USD or more.

How does it work?

We have several equipment financing partners. You fill out the application and our partners can provide you with the best rates and options based on your financial objectives. You just need a quote from us to get started.

What are the general rates?

It depends on your credit, time in business, etc. Start-up rates range between 15-20% due to the high-risk nature of financing a new business. Companies with over 3 years in business can qualify for rates that start in the 6-12% range with strong credit.

Is this a good fit for me?

Like all financing, it depends on your circumstances.  Cannabis and hemp are a little bit harder to finance than traditional industries. If you are already in agriculture and have been in business for 3-5 years it is a little bit easier, but financing new or start-up businesses are viewed as higher risk and result in higher rates.