What to do with Your Hemp and Cannabis Trim

cannabis but with fan leaves and sugar leaves

You probably have a plan for your cannabis and hemp trimmings. But how do you know if you’re getting the most cannabinoids out of your trim? Or the most profit out of those cannabinoids? If you’re reconsidering what to do with your trim, this blog has a few new ideas and quick tips on how…

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State-Mandated Moisture Testing for Cannabis and Hemp

Nobody likes to fail tests — especially not when flunking them costs you thousands of dollars. Yet failed pathogen tests cost cannabis and hemp growers millions in damages every year. The leading cause of those hot tests? Surprisingly, it’s moisture. Moisture is the root cause of many pathogens. Microorganisms (like bacteria) and fungi (like mold…

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Hemp and Cannabis Buckers: Do you REALLY need one?

buckmaster pro annihilating stems

Do you REALLY need a Cannabis / Hemp Bucking Machine? At Triminator, we make the best cannabis & hemp bucking machines around. But is a hemp or cannabis bucker really right for you? It might not be. Here’s how to know if you need a cannabis/hemp bucker, and some tips for getting the most from…

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5 Ways to Add Value to Your Hemp & Cannabis Crops

product before bucking

There’s a decent chance you’re leaving money on the table when it comes to your cannabis or hemp cultivation.  Why not optimize every last bit of your harvest after all that hard work? With a multi-faceted production and processing plan, you can do just that.  Here are five of the best techniques for maximizing your…

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