What to do with Your Hemp and Cannabis Trim

cannabis but with fan leaves and sugar leaves

You probably have a plan for your cannabis and hemp trimmings. But how do you know if you’re getting the most cannabinoids out of your trim? Or the most profit out of those cannabinoids? If you’re reconsidering what to do with your trim, this blog has a few new ideas and quick tips on how…

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State-Mandated Moisture Testing for Cannabis and Hemp

Nobody likes to fail tests — especially not when flunking them costs you thousands of dollars. Yet failed pathogen tests cost cannabis and hemp growers millions in damages every year. The leading cause of those hot tests? Surprisingly, it’s moisture. Moisture is the root cause of many pathogens. Microorganisms (like bacteria) and fungi (like mold…

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When to Harvest for Maximum THC

When should you harvest cannabis plants? The answer depends on a lot of factors: your cultivar, climate, personal preference, staffing, equipment availability — the list goes on. In this blog, we give you all the current thinking on when to harvest. It’s not yet an exact science; you’ll hear loud debates about some aspects of…

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