Kief Sifting Kits


Kief Tumbler Kit

Kief Collection

The process works by tumbling a mixture of CO2 ice and trim material or by dry tumbling. The extreme cold and tumbling action in combination with the micron screen kief tumbler separate the cannabis resin glands from the plant material. The kief or pollen is collected in a catchment tray attached to the bottom of the trimmer.

Easy To Use

Swap the standard trim drum for the 150-micron mesh drum using the turn-loc system, insert the catchment tray, and turn it on.

Increase Profits

Gain additional streams of revenue by getting more out of your harvest and offering kief products. Save your trim and use the Triminator kief tumbler to collect kief for extraction and solventless production, or other kief applications.

Model Compatibility

The Kief Kit includes a 150-micron mesh drum, a kief catchment tray, and a brush for easy collecting. The kief tumbler converts your Triminator trimmer into a kief sifter. Keif Kits are available for Triminator Mini Dry, Dry, and XL Dry Trimmers.

Mini Dry Kief Kit

Dry Kief Kit

XL Dry Kief Kit

See the Kief Tumbler in Action

The kief tumbler kit works seamlessly in the Triminator Trimmer. See how the 150-micron mesh drum carefully sifts and collects kief.

Kief Tumbler FAQs

Every Triminator Kief Kit includes a 150-micron mesh drum, a catchment tray, and a brush for collecting. The kief tumbler can be swapped into any of the Triminator Dry Trimmer models.

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