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We created the Own Your Harvest podcast series to bring you valuable insights from the front lines of the cannabis industry. As a global leader in cannabis post harvest handling equipment, we wanted to give you direct access to our award-winning team and help educate you on a variety of topics from field harvest to extraction. We’ve lined up some amazing guests for 2021 to kick off this new format, so please follow and share with your fellow farmers, growers, and extractors.

Intro: What to expect

In the first episode, we discuss what to expect from Own Your Harvest, tell you a little about the few episodes coming up, and review our overall vision for the podcast.

Our hosts for this episode are Reed Preston, founder of Preston Hemp Co, and Dana Mosman, co-founder of Triminator.


Intro: Welcome to own your harvest powered by Triminator, global leader in cannabis harvesting equipment. We will be bringing new valuable insights from the front lines of the cannabis industry, giving direct access to our award-winning team and educating you on a variety of topics. From field service to extraction, we have lined up some amazing guests for 2021 to kick off this new podcast.

And now here are your hosts, Reed Preston, founder of Preston Hemp Co and Triminator ambassador. And co-founder of Triminator, Dana Mossman. 

Reed Preston: All right. In this episode, Dana and I are going to discuss what to expect from the new podcast series. We’re going to tell you a little bit about what we’ll be exploring this season and the general focus of the podcast.

Dana, welcome to the show and thanks for taking the time to be here with me this morning.

Dana Mosman: Yeah. Thanks for joining me as the co-host, Reed. It’s great to have a farmer on the show with me. Um, I think, you know, looking at the podcast, uh, the thing I’m most excited about is the opportunity we have to spread knowledge to the greater cannabis community.

We, you know, at Triminator have a unique position in the industry where we get to talk to a lot of farmers from all over the country and really all over the world. And it’s one of my favorite parts of what we do. But, um, I think for the podcast, it’s going to be really cool to be able to share some of those conversations, uh, and transfer that knowledge that has been generally private or kind of regionally isolated, you know. In cannabis, we have a lot of like kind of regional segments and then people tend to be very secretive about what they’re doing. So having the opportunity to kind of share and open that up and, uh, create a wealth of knowledge across the community as is the goal for the overall podcast.

Reed Preston: Yeah, absolutely. I agree. You know, with the industry moving so fast, I think documenting a chunk of, uh, our path along the way will be great for ourselves and others in the industry. You know, we can stop every couple of months and catch up and kinda get everyone on the same page with what’s going on.

Um, it’s definitely exciting. Like you said, you know, tons of knowledgeable guests around the world will be joining us and coming in for different episodes. Um, I’m excited about the first episode and get to bring one of my buddies on Jeremy from Ten Dollar Carts and Anthology. Um, he’s based out of Medford, Oregon.

So that’ll be a good episode there just to kick it off. And, um, yeah, I’m excited to get into this. 

Dana Mosman: Definitely. Yeah. I’m, uh, I’m excited to talk to Jeremy too, because I know he has a bunch of knowledge about the extract world, which is something I’m pretty limited in. And, uh, and then I know he spent a lot of time over the past year or so working specifically with Delta-8, which is obviously a really hot topic right now. And you know, of all the people, uh, out there, I think he has some of the best firsthand knowledge of the subject. 

Reed Preston: Yeah, for sure. You know, with the Delta-8, he was way ahead of the curve on that one. He got in at a good time and basically started his business off a Reddit post and it just took off and he did real well. So I’m sure he’ll tell us more about that in episode 1. 

Dana Mosman: Absolutely. And, um, yeah, looking at our second episode, we’ll be chatting with, uh, Noel Joy, who’s working on a PhD in horticulture from Georgia State University, and she’s doing some really interesting work studying different drying methods for hemp, and we’ll do a two-part series with her. The first part will be just kind of getting into the goals of our study, her methods and discussing the extensive opportunities for more and more research in the hemp space as we get to know the plant a bit more. And then in the second part of the series, we’ll actually be talking about the results of our study and where that’ll go. So excited about that one as well. 

Reed Preston: Yeah, that’s, that’s gonna be awesome. I got to speak with Noel a bit on the phone. And she was telling me a little bit about her experience drying, you know, hemp as well as a bunch of other different medicinal herbs. So I’m real stoked to chat with her about that. And, um, yeah, it’s, it’s definitely going to be interesting, you know, having a two-part, um, you know, two different episodes on this podcast.

Dana Mosman: Absolutely. And. You know, kind of segmenting into that. We have another really sort of scientific academic, uh, guests in, uh, CJ Schwartz of Industrial Hemp Genetics, who will be joining us on episode 3. And, uh, he’ll be just talking about his experience using modern genomic techniques in cannabis for breeding different varieties for specific end uses. So hopefully we’ll get some really good insights from him on the current state of the genetics market and also some of the pros and cons of the more modern approaches to cannabis breeding. 

Reed Preston: Yeah, definitely. He’s definitely a knowledgeable guy and I’m sure he’ll share a lot of, uh, valuable information with us. Um, so yeah, make sure to join us next week on episode 1 with Jeremy from 10DC, and we’ll hear all about Delta-8 THC and what it’s like running an e-commerce site, selling legal hemp products. Um, thanks again for listening to the Own Your Harvest podcast powered by Triminator. Please subscribe to our podcast and follow us on all our social channels for tons of daily content.

Hope everyone has a great day.

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