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[Rosin Pressing] Super Lemon Haze with the Triminator TRP Stack

Pressing super lemon haze with the Triminator TRP Stack
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    The Super Lemon Haze cannabis used in this video was 2 weeks old and grown in Boulder, Colorado using the Black Dog LED 3 x 3 Complete Grow Kit with their PhytoMAX-2 600 LED, and Advanced Nutrients.

    We began with small batches using 2” x 3.5” pre-press pucks inside of 90 micron 2.5” x 5” bags and eventually worked our way up to 4.5” x 4.5” pre-press pucks inside of 90 micron 6.5” x 5” bags.

    Using 200 degrees fahrenheit, our yields typically ranged from 14%-15%, when we increased the temp to 220 our yields increased to 20%. Throughout the evening we did improve our results (practice makes perfect) and were able to achieve 27% yields but that was not our average across the board.

    The starting pressure was 2500psi and when the bag began to wet out along most of the front, we increased the pressure to 5000psi. When the flow started to slow down, we increased the pressure slowly until reaching 10,000psi. The total press time was no more than 5 minutes.

    We pressed 4-5 different strains that day with varying ages and it was clear that the freshest material gave us the best colors of gold and yellow. We pressed some material that was stored properly for about 6 months and it was darker and not as appealing to the eyes but still great aroma and quality when consumed.

    Rosin Press Overview

    Location: Boulder, Colorado
    Micron Size: 90
    Triminator Rosin Bag Size: 2.5” x 5”
    Temp: 220
    Pressure: Starting pressure was 2500psi, when the bag wet out along the front we increased to 5000psi, then when flow slowed, increased in small increments up to 10,000psi.
    Material: 2 weeks old uncured, Super Lemon Haze
    Qty: 14 grams of pre-pressed flower
    Yield: 2.75 grams (20%)
    Total Press Time: about 5 mins

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