Baker’s Dozen: The Top 13 Internet Communities for Cannabis Cultivators & Growers

Producing cannabis plants for the market is a science, and growers can gain plenty of knowledge from various online forums dedicated to cultivation. 

Online forums geared toward cannabis growers and cultivators are numerous across the Internet. With a diverse array of topics, some cannabis forums focus on indoor growing and hydroponics, while others talk more about outdoor growing, along with the general lifestyle associated with cannabis. 

Today, there’s no shortage of online communities for everything from part-time hobbies to big-time business ventures. Sharing information with like-minded people is especially valuable for cannabis cultivators since the insights gained from the internet’s cultivation community can reveal trade secrets and new techniques. 

In general, online communities are segmented into impossibly specific subject matters, and it’s no different in the vast world of weed forums. There are indoor grow forums, outdoor grow forums, forums dedicated to strains, venues specifically geared toward dispensaries, stoner chat rooms, and nearly every other imaginable topic related to weed. 

There’s truly a wealth of information out there for freshly sprouted pot professionals, as well as cultivators and growers who consider themselves veterans in the cannabis industry. 

Here’s a collection of the very best Internet communities for cannabis cultivators:

1. Grasscity

To discover the latest cannabis industry news, as well as lifestyle discussions and social commentary, make your way to Grasscity forums. Widely considered the gold standard for anyone—of any skill level—to learn more about cannabis, Grasscity is known for its variety of topics covered and numerous sub-forums that take pot talk to the next level. 

Whether doling out tips for novice growers or presenting a riveting discussion on couch-locking strains, Grasscity is the first stop for many serious cultivators. Grasscity also offers platforms for people searching for cannabis-related products, tools of the grower’s trade, tips and tricks for every step of the growing process, and even information regarding medical marijuana and recreational legalities. 

2. Future 4200

Future 4200 is the Internet’s premier cannabis processing technology forum. So, you should join this forum to learn about technological advancements in the industry and anything related to cannabis science. 

Individuals on this forum share all things related to the industry’s scientific and technical side, with spirited conversations delving into all sorts of hotly debated industry topics, including the extraction process, wet vs. dry trimming, lab and field safety regulations, how to mix terpenes, how to derive Delta-8 from CBD and so much more. 

3. Strain Hunters

Strain Hunters is a must-visit resource for anyone with a burning passion for discussing and learning about cannabis strains. 

Strain Hunters aims its content toward people who have questions about specific strains and the globe-trotting seekers who want to discover new and rare cultivars. Thus, Strain Hunters is more than just a cool name; it’s a collective of individuals who seek out cannabis genetics worldwide. 

Active forum members are constantly suggesting where these “hunters” should go next. Beyond strain talk, the forum also touches on extraction methods, seed testing, cultivation, and medicinal applications. 

4. I Love Growing Marijuana

The I Love Growing Marijuana forum is a space for cannabis cultivators and growers to diagnose problems. The breadth of topics covers indoor and outdoor growing, and even dives into more specific discussions about growing equipment and best practices, such as hydroponics, grow boxes and tents, lighting, nutrients, and climate. 

In one recent post, a member posted hi-resolution images of trichomes and asked the community to help analyze the structure. Respondents exchanged advice on how much longer to wait until harvest time and even how much more trichome development can be expected as the buds dry and cure. 

5. THCFarmer

The THCFarmer forum grew out of the need for a place geared toward growers and people intimately involved in cannabis cultivation. Dubbing itself the Cannabis Cultivation Network, THCFarmer is a bright and easy-to-navigate forum that’s segmented into various marijuana-growing topics. 

One such section, Medical Cannabis Cultivation, leads site visitors through basic growing information, general indoor and outdoor growing tips, a rundown of the best nutrients and fertilizers, a “Breeder’s Lab” that discuss strains and hybrids, grow room design suggestions, lighting setups, grow diaries, concentrates and processing, and a section addressing advanced techniques and problems. 

There’s even a Cannabis Classifieds section where growers can sell or trade equipment, as well as a Cannabis Lifestyle section with industry news, cannabis recipes, general gardening advice, medical discussions, and more. 

6. Rollitup

Here’s another forum that gives growers and cultivators everything they need: Rollitup segments its forum into sections, such as The Grow Room, where community members discuss everything about indoor and outdoor growing, hydroponics, potential plant problems, organic efforts, and more. The Grow Room is a valuable resource, as it’s active, updated daily, and populated with hundreds of thousands of messages. 

Cannabis Cafe is another popular section on Rollitup; it’s where the discussions about cultivating marijuana grow into a diverse array of lifestyle topics. There’s the “Toke ‘n Talk” subforum, with community members sharing their cosmic insights on all manner of issues, along with subforums on fitness and wellbeing, music, sports, and even politics (proceed with caution in that particular subtopic). All in all, Rollitup is ideal for the serious grower that craves connections with cannabis believers. 

7. 420 Magazine

With tens of thousands of posts on hundreds of threads, 420 Magazine boasts an active forum with some of the most friendly and helpful individual posters in any Internet community—that might sound like hyperbole but check it out for yourself. 

The Grow Room section specifically built for cannabis cultivation features chat rooms from the essentials (“How to Grow Marijuana”), to the complex (“Cultivation Scientific Data”), and everything in between. In addition, the “Grower’s Lounge” subtopic of The Green Room doubles as a support group for anyone having difficulty with an array of grower’s problems. Meanwhile, the forum’s “Frequently Asked Questions” subtopic (in the Grow Room) could be one of the Internet’s most valuable sources of cannabis cultivation information. 

8. Marijuana Growing

With a slightly smaller community than some other sites, Marijuana Growing is a tad more approachable and appealing to growers who might be new to the game. This is where to go when you want to conduct research rather than chat with other growers daily. The Marijuana Growing forum comes to us courtesy of George Van Patten, a horticulturist who literally wrote the book on the cultivation of cannabis: Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible. You might know Van Patten better by his pseudonym, Jorge Cervantes, which he used to conceal his identity from 1983 to 2010. 

9. Grow Weed Easy

Founded by cannabis cultivation expert Nebula Haze and her partner Sirius in 2010, Grow Weed Easy is dedicated to teaching beginners how to grow cannabis at home. The forum presents cannabis cultivators and growers with an anonymous place to chat about their plants, discoveries, and problems with other growers. Community members ask questions, get advice, share photos, and discuss all topics relating to growing weed, as well as the cannabis lifestyle. 

10. Bluelight

While technically a subforum of a much larger community, the Bluelight cannabis forum shines brightest when it comes to intelligent conversations surrounding basic and advanced cannabis-related topics. In nearly every topic, you’ll find well-informed discussions relating to the science of cannabis, with obscure details made more evident by the dogged research of the forum’s dedicated community members. An ideal place to dive into the data and analytics of the cannabis plant species, Bluelight serves up opportunities to dig deep into the emerging science of cultivation. 

11. THC Talk

Once you step into the THC Talk forum, you immediately recognize that this community is much more knowledgeable and goes deeper into the weeds than most other cannabis forums. While this can be intimidating, it’s precisely the characteristic that makes this forum such a dynamic place to learn about cannabis cultivation. There are sections about plant germination and propagation, composting, aspects of horticulture beyond cannabis, and more. The Cannabis Infirmary subtopic is especially helpful, with home-growing experts on call to help diagnose plant problems. There’s also an expertly compiled cannabis strain database, which takes this space beyond growing and cultivating.

12. IC Mag

International Cannagraphic Magazine, known mainly as IC Mag, features a moderately active community discussing an array of helpful topics, mainly surrounding their Cannabis Growing Questions subforum . A glance at the issues reveals an advanced list of fully defined cannabis-related terms, a post about LED lighting rigs, auto-watering systems, how to achieve great buds in cold weather, the optimal spacing for lights, and more. There’s even a topic where community members post photos of their favorite mutant plants they’ve ever grown. 

13. How To Grow Marijuana

It doesn’t get much more straightforward than a forum titled How To Grow Marijuana. This online community delivers a comprehensive menu of growing tips and tricks, with plenty of expertise on display for free. The Grow Room section presents topics from the basics of growing to the more advanced details straight from the weed horticulturist’s handbook. There’s extensive information on growing indoors with hydroponics, as well as how to grow marijuana organically, proper grow room setup, germination techniques, nutrients, harvesting, drying, and curing. Then there’s the ultra-useful Cannabis Clinic, where you can go for advice on treating sick plants. 

Get A Little Help From Your Friends with Online Cannabis Forums

While there’s no shortage of cannabis communities to choose from online, the 13 listed in this blog are the absolute best for growers and cultivators. So browse around and find the one that best suits you and your operation. The staggering amount of knowledge out there can help you in your quest to bring your high-quality cannabis to the marketplace.

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