5 Ways to Add Value to Your Hemp & Cannabis Crops

product before bucking

There’s a decent chance you’re leaving money on the table when it comes to your cannabis or hemp cultivation.  Why not optimize every last bit of your harvest after all that hard work? With a multi-faceted production and processing plan, you can do just that.  Here are five of the best techniques for maximizing your…

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The Future of Profit: Cannabis and Hemp Automation Technologies

You’ve worked hard to build your cultivation operation. Now cost pressures are mounting, and depending on your market, the price-per-pound may be in a nose-dive.  The Solution? Automation. Cannabis and hemp automation technologies — once viewed as a labor-saving convenience — now make the difference between staying competitive and going out of business. What Do…

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The Secret to Perfect Dry Trimming

The #1 Secret to Using a Dry Trimmer for a Perfect Trim If you want to grow cup-winning cannabis at a commercial scale, there’s probably a dry trimmer in your future. Dry trimming preserves the terpenes and cannabinoids of smokable flower and often yields a better-looking — and better-tasting — final product. Yet an automated…

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How to Thrive as a Cannabis Grower in a New Market

large indoor cannabis grow

The 4 Essentials for Success as a New Cannabis Cultivator Congratulations! You’ve won a license to cultivate cannabis in a new market. But it’s not all fun and games — now the real work starts. Whether you’re licensed in New Jersey, Arizona, or any of the other states that legalized cannabis in 2020, there are…

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