Hybrid Cannabis Conveyors

Automate your trimming workflow with Infeed and Outfeed Cannabis Conveyors.

Seamless Cannabis Processing

Consistent Trimming

A uniform trim starts with uniform material flow into your trimmer. Automatically control a consistent volume and feed rate with the Infeed Conveyor.

Increased Production

Effortlessly link your cannabis conveyors and keep up with the unrivaled trim speeds of a single Hybrid™ Trimmer unit or double production with tandem trimmers.

Improved QC

The large 21” x 59” outfeed belt provides ample surface area and clear visibility for continuous flower inspection. Quickly verify every flower is trimmed precisely to your standards.


Streamlined Operations

Enhanced Quality

Boost trimming efficiency and product quality with a consistent feed into your trimmer and get unparalleled QC of your product on the outfeed, all while minimizing labor requirements.

Complete Control

Adjust the speeds of your cannabis conveyors based on volume, strain, moisture levels, and QC personnel to create the ultimate customized solution.

Reduced Downtime

Clean-up is easy with tool-free disassembly in just one minute. Use a pressure washer with a food-safe solution for quick equipment cleaning.

Optimized Workflow

Easily connect your Infeed Conveyor in seconds with the one-step attachment, and simply line up the Outfeed Conveyor to your trimmer output.

Tools Needed

Simple tool-free setup and disassembly make preparations for cleaning easy.

Seconds to Disassemble

Reduce downtime while maintaining a clean workflow.

Steps to Connect

Save time with the easy one-step connection to hook up your trimmers.

feet moved per min

Variable speed controls for the perfect infeed and outfeed rates.

Warranty Years

Backed by our unrivaled warranty policy for 1 year or 1,000 hours.

Infeed Cannabis Conveyor

Maintain a consistent feedstock of flowers for your trimmer to ensure an ultra-uniform trim and maximum processing efficiency. Using the Infeed Conveyor also creates the opportunity for a complete visual inspection of the flower before it enters the trimmer.


Outfeed Cannabis Conveyor

Deliver your best flower by ensuring a thorough inspection of each bud leaving the trimmer, removing the need for digging through totes to QC your product. Reduce errors in processing and minimize the risk of under-trimmed flowers leaving your facility, all while streamlining the QC process and lowering costs.

Food-Grade Construction

The conveyors are built with 304 Stainless Steel and fully encased anti-microbial polyurethane.

Pressure Washable

With their robust construction, the conveyors can be easily pressure-washed.

Sanitary Design

The cannabis conveyors are ready for use in any GMP-certified facility.

Invest With Confidence

The Hybrid™ Conveyors are guaranteed under warranty for one full year and backed by our customer support team for the life of the product.

Complete Your Trimming Setup

Is your workflow complete with a Hybrid™ Trimmer?

Hybrid Conveyor FAQs

Using Infeed and Outfeed conveyors from your Hybrid™ Trimmer allows for improved quality control and minimized risk of contamination, damage, or lost buds. Ensure you are delivering high-quality cannabis flower with every harvest.