Unlocking the Secrets: Maximize Your Bubble Hash Yields

Pro Tips for Maximizing Your Bubble Hash Yields 

Bubble hash is a popular solventless cannabis concentrate known for its purity, potency, and strong flavor profile. Made through a solventless extraction method using cannabis, ice, water, and a set of micron wash bags, bubble hash is relatively easy to produce with very little equipment and a quick processing time. 

ice water hash

Bubble hash also referred to as ice water hash, can be used on its own or as the starting material to create hash rosin. Rosin made from bubble hash is considered one of the purest cannabis concentrates available today. An increasing number of health-conscious consumers prefer the purity of solventless extracts, and as a result, many commercial cannabis operations are adding products like bubble hash and rosin made from bubble hash into their business model. 

Concentrate market projections are expected to continue to grow exponentially through 2030. Therefore, understanding how to increase bubble hash yields and the potential profit from high yields is vital when considering the continued success of your commercial cannabis operation. 

How To Boost Bubble Hash Yields

Bubble hash yields depend on several different factors. Yields are calculated once extracted bubble hash has been completely dried. 

The total yield percentage is calculated by dividing the final yield weight by the starting material weight. On average, a standard yield is three to five grams of bubble hash per ounce of high-quality, dry, cured flower. An ounce of fresh frozen plant material, on the other hand, will typically yield around one gram of bubble hash.

Let’s take a look at a few of these factors:

  • The type of cannabis cultivar that’s used 
  • The quality of the flower 
  • The size and type of trichome heads 
  • How many times the batch is washed 
  • The length of each wash 
  • How strongly the mixture is agitated 
  • Temperature 
  • The size of the micron filter bags

Here we’ll take an in-depth look at each factor to ensure you’re doing everything to attain the highest yields. 

Choosing the Best Type and Quality of Starting Material

When it comes to producing large quantities of bubble hash, the cannabis cultivar is key. Both the type and quality of the starting material you use for bubble hash determine the end product’s quality and how much is produced.

hash washer

Some strains are superior when it comes to washing bubble hash compared to others. Considering that bubble hash is made of delicate trichomes, it’s vital to know which strains contain trichome heads that are better suited for ice-water extraction. 

The best cannabis strains for producing high yields of quality bubble hash are packed with resinous trichomes, contain a powerful aroma and flavor profile, and are notoriously high in potency. Look for cultivars that produce the ideal trichome head size, as well as those that are known to produce high yields during harvest. 

Some of the best strains for producing high yields of quality bubble hash include: 

  • Cookies 
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Harlequin
  • Ice
  • NYC Diesel
  • The White
  • White Widow

Each of these strains is known for producing an abundance of resinous trichomes that are ideal for washing. Keep in mind that bubble hash quality has everything to do with the quality of the flower. When it comes to high yields of the best bubble hash, adhering to the highest quality cultivation standards is critical. 

In addition to strain choice, another factor to consider is if you’re using frozen cannabis material or dried. Fresh frozen cannabis material tends to have better preservation of the trichomes. Frozen material can result in brittle trichomes that tend to break off, which is helpful in this solventless extraction method. While dried flower material is okay to make bubble hash, it may not yield as much – and may not be as potent.

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Determining Trichome Head Size

Trichome head size is another important factor to keep in mind when maximizing bubble hash yields. The best cannabis cultivars for washing hash are those with an abundance of capitate-stalked trichomes. These are trichomes that can be seen with the naked eye, resembling a mushroom with a long stalk and a large bulbous head. 

cannabis trichomes

A cuticle layer holds the head of these capitate-stalked trichomes together and surrounds the cannabinoids and terpenes in a protective layer. The best strains are those with a cuticle and trichome heads that release easily during the ice water agitation process and are preserved through production without dissolving or releasing too much oil. 

When choosing the best cultivars for producing large bubble hash yields, look at strains for the resin they produce. Identify strains that develop fluffy buds rather than dense ones, as trichomes can be damaged when dense flowers are forced apart. Large, bulbous trichome heads should attach to each stalk at a thin point, which will allow for easy release when washed. Lastly, choose notoriously pungent strains that contain a strong aroma and flavor profile. 

Choosing the Optimal Filter Bag Micron Size

The filtration bags used to extract bubble hash, also known as bubble bags, are one of the most important elements in creating the product. These bags come in various micron sizes; it is important to note that the micron size has a direct influence on both the quality and yield of the extract. This is why understanding the connection between micron size and the extracted bubble hash is vital. 

Filtration bags come in a variety of different sizes. The size of the bag indicates its micron size. A micron is a measurement that’s equal to 1/1,000th of a millimeter, and on a micron bag, it refers to the space between each small hole of the filtration bag. Smaller micron-sized bags feel finer than larger micron sizes. 

Filtration bags are typically sold in kits of 3, 4, or 8 bags and the most common micron sizes are 15, 25, 37, 50, 73, 90, 120, 160, and 220. Micron sizes of 15 offer the smallest filter, while 220 offer the largest. Smaller micron sizes produce higher-quality bubble hash but in slightly lower quantities. 

In general, the highest yields are typically attained with a 90-micron bag. Many professional extractors maintain that 73-micron bags produce the highest quality ice water hash, as the size of this filter is closest in size to the actual trichome heads. 

While the primary factors that affect yield are the cannabis cultivar, the type of cannabis used, how many times washed, and agitation, the micron size does play a part. However, it can be difficult to determine exact yields based on micron size alone. 

ice water hash washer

Understanding Best Temperature and Agitation Force During Extraction

When it comes to high yields of high-quality bubble hash, temperature, and agitation are key factors to keep in mind. Agitation refers to the amount of force used to mix during the wash. 

Bubble hash thrives on cold temperatures, meaning colder is better during processing for maximizing yields. It’s important to continually add more ice to your mixture if it starts to melt while washing to help obtain higher yields.

Considering cold temperatures work best, an air-conditioned room or walk-in freezer is ideal for large bubble hash batches. Keeping everything as cold as possible—from the room and equipment to the starting material and ice water—are all things to consider for the highest overall yields. 

When it comes to agitation, sometimes more force is better for larger yields. However, too much force can decrease the quality, while too little force can lead to lower yields. This means finding the perfect middle ground is key. 

Hand stirring provides some control when agitating the cannabis and ice water mixture, and can lead to high yields when mixed correctly. Machine washing, on the other hand, can lead to increased yields from having better control over the process. Some commercial hash washers allow for automatic washing cycles, temperature tracking, and timers for the perfect ice water extraction.

Determining The Ideal Length for the Extraction Process

bubble hash

The length of the extraction process is also an important factor in bubble hash production. An extraction that’s too lengthy can significantly decrease product quality by breaking down too much plant matter into the extract. Too short of a wash won’t release enough trichomes which will lead to lower quantities.

The best length for high bubble hash yields is between five and fifteen minutes. Keeping extraction time to a minimum is ideal, but not so much that you risk reducing overall yields. Less wash time and additional washes can also lend to a higher quality product that still provides a good yield. 

Last Thoughts On Maximizing Bubble Hash Yields

Predicting bubble hash yields can be difficult, as there are so many factors at play. Temperature, flower quality, micron filter bag size, and other variables play a critical role in the process. By keeping the best practices in mind during extraction, it’s possible to maximize bubble hash yields.

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