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The Benefits of Commercial Solventless Extraction Equipment

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    Cannabis concentrates are one of the hottest products on the market, with unprecedented popularity that’s expected to continue to grow steadily over the next few years. In 2021, the value of the global cannabis concentrate market was nearly $4 billion (USD). By 2030, it’s estimated that it will be worth over $18 billion (USD). 

    With the increased popularity and the expected growth of concentrates in the industry, it is a lucrative time to expand your business into this product category. 

    One of the best ways to break into the concentrate market is by creating and selling solventless cannabis concentrates like rosin, rosin budder, ice water hash, and more. These solventless extracts are pure, potent, and can be incredibly profitable. 

    Because solventless extracts are considered cleaner and more natural, they’ve become increasingly popular with health-conscious cannabis consumers. This increased demand for solventless extracts has led to the creation of state-of-the-art solventless extraction equipment.

    Starting A Successful Extract Business Using The Best Solventless Extraction Equipment

    Commercial extraction is becoming a big business in the legal cannabis market. Whether you’re new to the cannabis business or have been in the game for years, investing in solventless extraction equipment and building a business model based on cannabis concentrates offers a huge profit potential and quick return on investment. 

    Pivoting to a solventless extraction method is a smart business decision, as cannabis concentrates are rapidly gaining popularity and selling for a higher price than flower. Solventless extracts also remain one of the most expensive products on the market. Investing in solventless extraction equipment can be a boon for business success. 

    Like all successful businesses, you’ll need to start with a step-by-step plan. Quality extracts start with high-quality cannabis, and if you’re not growing yourself, it’s vital you find a high-quality product from reputable sources. Additionally, after you’ve solidified your product offerings and refined the steps for processing extracts, you’ll need to bring them to market. Before selling to dispensaries, determine the best branding and marketing methods for your business. With the right approach, your business can thrive in the solventless extract industry.

    Solventless Extracts Are In High Demand

    While the concentrate market is growing steadily as a whole, solventless extracts grab most consumer attention.


    Compared to concentrates made with a chemical solvent like butane or ethanol, solventless cannabis extractions create concentrates that are:

    • Pure 
    • Potent 
    • Free of residual solvents 
    • Cleaner and more natural 

    They’re widely appealing to health-conscious cannabis consumers who are willing to pay a higher price for these cleaner concentrates.


    Not only are they cleaner than other extracts, but the quality of solventless extracts is unprecedented. 

    Cannabinoid and terpene-rich trichomes are preserved in the extraction process, as they’re separated from the plant without any chemical alteration. The result is a higher-quality extract superior to solvent-based extracts, which contain the beneficial compounds found in pure resinous trichomes. 

    When solventless extracts are created, terpenes stay intact—which significantly influences the flavor, aroma, and effects of the extract. Compared to extracts made with solvents, solventless extracts are known for preserving a particular strain’s unique aroma and flavor profile because of this terpene preservation.


    Solventless extracts are also better for the environment. Solvents commonly used to produce extracts, such as butane, ethanol, and propane, can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment. Considering that the VOCs associated with increased cannabis cultivation are already an environmental concern, solventless concentrates are an environmentally friendly option for eco-conscious cannabis consumers and extractors.

    Types Of Solventless Extracts

    The concentrate market has changed a lot in recent years, and there are several different types of solventless concentrates available, including:


    Rosin is one of the newest and most popular solventless extracts. It’s created with only heat and pressure using solventless extraction equipment like the Triminator TRP Stack Rosin Press, which squeezes out oil from the plant. Rosin can be created in minutes and doesn’t require any additional purification processes.

    Rosin Budder

    Rosin budder is simply rosin that’s been whipped to the consistency of butter using heat presses and agitation. Rosin budder has a smooth, delicate, batter-like consistency that is popular amongst concentrate consumers.


    Hash is considered the first-known concentrate that is believed to date back to at least the tenth century. The traditional method for creating hash involves rolling buds in the palm of one’s hand and then scraping the thick black resin that forms on the fingers and palms into a ball or block. Modern hash extractors use a method that involves removing trichomes with ice and water.

    Dry Sift Kief and Hash

    Dry sift kief and hash are made by gently agitating dry cannabis buds over a mesh screen. When the process is done correctly, dry sift kief is the consistency of sand and contains a terpene profile very close to that contained in the original plant. Dry sift kief can be easily pressed together to create a dry sift hash.

    Ice Water Hash

    Ice water hash is made using ice, water, and mesh screen bags. This method agitates trichomes off cannabis buds to create this pure, popular solventless extract. Ice water hash is also commonly used to make live rosin. Cutting-edge technology, like Triminator’s Maker™ hash washer, an ice-water extraction machine, makes the process easy and efficient for optimized trichome separation.

    Freeze-Dried Hash

    Ice water hash can also be freeze-dried, which decreases drying and processing time while increasing trichome preservation. Freeze-dried hash can be beneficial for extractors as it can cut production time from days to hours, which can increase production and overall profit. 

    The most expensive concentrate sold in dispensaries is live rosin, which may influence the type of extraction equipment you purchase for your business needs. Whatever type of solventless concentrate you decide to produce, you’ll want to choose the best extraction equipment that’s economical and produces a high-quality, profitable product.

    Different Types Of Solventless Extraction Equipment

    Depending on the type of solventless extract you’d like to create, there are different types of cannabis extraction equipment.

    Ice Water Extractor

    Producing high-quality ice water hash requires the right equipment. Whether processing a few pounds or a few hundred pounds, look to Triminator’s Maker™ ice water extraction machine to make the job easier. 

    Designed to create bubble hash on a commercial scale, the Maker™ has a durable stainless steel construction and provides a range of customizable settings. With a vortex that rivals hand-washing and a false bottom to protect your trichomes, it can produce high yields of top-tier bubble hash.

    Because a lot of ice is required to extract ice water hash on a commercial scale, most ice water hash producers will also purchase an ice machine. Pure water is key to producing the purest ice water hash, so investing in a reverse osmosis machine is also an option, as tap water can increase the risk of chlorine and fluoride contamination in the final product.

    Dry Sift Extractor

    Dry sift extraction can be done using an array of machines and equipment, depending on your production needs. Dry sifters must be of the highest quality to ensure the sift slides properly and should also contain multiple micron levels, which offer various filtering layers.

    Dry sift extraction involves shaking or rubbing plant material across various-sized screens to separate the valuable kief from the flower. While manual dry sift extraction equipment is an economical option, this type of extraction method produces a less potent product. The lower potency is a direct result of whole plant material being sifted in the kief collector instead of just the kief. 

    To make the most potent kief, outfit your Triminator trimmer with a Kief Tumbler Kit. (Please note that this kit was developed specifically for our dry trimmers.) Designed to work by tumbling either buds or trim material with CO2 ice or by dry tumbling, the extreme cold and tumbling action quickly and easily separates the resinous trichomes from the plant material. The kief or pollen is collected in a catchment tray attached to the bottom of the trimmer.

    Rosin Presses

    Using a combination of heat and pressure, rosin presses are one of the best ways to make solventless extracts. Safe, quick, and easy, the entire rosin press process takes minutes. 

    From small, portable presses to large-scale industrial extraction equipment, rosin extraction technology has evolved in recent years to accommodate a variety of production needs. 

    Triminator’s TRP Stack Rosin Press, for example, is perfect for professionals interested in producing high yields of top-quality extracts with easy-to-use solventless extraction equipment. Made with food-grade components, the TRP Stack produces solventless rosin that is free from potentially harmful chemicals, while its patented Easy Pivot™ drip technology ensures optimal trichome and terpene preservation. This drip technology (exclusive to Triminator’s TRP Stack) was developed to ensure directional flow. Faster collection equates to higher terpene retention and better yields.

    Triminator TRP Stack with plattens open

    Start Increasing Your Profits With Solventless Extraction Equipment

    The future of the cannabis concentrate market is undeniably bright. As the demand for solventless extracts skyrockets, it’s vital for budding cannabis entrepreneurs to have the right extraction equipment. Capitalize on the opportunity and create a strategic plan to shift towards a cleaner, purer, and higher-quality extract. Connect with Triminator and see how you can start increasing your profits with solventless extraction equipment.

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