The Secret to Perfect Dry Trimming

The #1 Secret to Using a Dry Trimmer for a Perfect Trim If you want to grow cup-winning cannabis at a commercial scale, there’s probably a dry trimmer in your future. Dry trimming preserves the terpenes and cannabinoids of smokable flower and often yields a better-looking — and better-tasting — final product. Yet an automated…

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High Country Genetics: Buckmaster Pro & Triminator Wet Demo

cannabis trimmer

Buckmaster Pro & Triminator Wet Demo at High Country Genetics – Covelo, CA Mendocino County during Croptober? Yes please!  We continued our Buckmaster Pro demo tour on October 12th, 2018 as we pulled into High Country Genetics in Covelo, CA with the industry’s leading cannabis bucker and our Triminator Wet machine. In the video below,…

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