Buckmaster Pro & Triminator Wet Demo at High Country Genetics – Covelo, CA

Mendocino County during Croptober? Yes please!  We continued our Buckmaster Pro demo tour on October 12th, 2018 as we pulled into High Country Genetics in Covelo, CA with the industry's leading cannabis bucker and our Triminator Wet machine.

In the video below, we wet bucked some of their Mint Chip X Berry White strain (Berry G'oood) in one of our first wet cannabis bucking demos, with the Buckmaster Pro. Our bucker increased productivity so much we had time for a victory lap with the dogs. No animals were harmed in the process, despite how close they got to the mule 🙂

In this next video, watch as we then ran several totes of wet cannabis through, the professional's choice, our Triminator Wet trimming machine. Renata (High Country Genetics) and Rita (Triminator Sales Mgr.) closely monitored throughput and quality as the wet cannabis trimmer performed well all day and truly crushed the competition. We were lucky enough to have a few competitors' machines on site, as High Country wanted to make an informed purchase decision based on results.

At the end of the day, we compared our production with the Buckmaster Pro and Triminator Wet to the Twister's production. The results were clear and in the video below Renata speaks on the comparison. High Country Genetics ended up purchasing a Buckmaster Pro and Triminator Wet so they could continue to double their productivity.

Big thanks to High Country for having Team Triminator up to their farm for these demos. Renata, Dusty, Paul and their team were great to work with and their hospitality while on site was fantastic! We look forward to coming back next harvest and thank you for your business!

About High Country Genetics...

High Country GeneticsHigh Country Genetics was established in 2016 in the hills of Mendocino County, the Wild West of California. Dusty, the founder of the project and master breeder of the genetics, has spent over a decade diligently collecting exotic strains and is passionate about breeding exclusive and unparalleled original crosses. For years he has been working on perfecting his craft and has achieved a standard that he is proud to share. Without further ado, Dusty is finally ready to offer some of his private reserve collection to the cannabis community.

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