Triminator Evolution

A Letter from the Founder

Since the beginning, Triminator has always centered around innovation and collaboration. We started small. My father and I worked with local growers to test and improve our machines out of our off-grid garage on the San Juan Ridge. The growers were pioneers and innovators themselves and we shared a drive to deliver the best product to our customers.

It was a collaboration based on trust and it brought us all great value. From this simple start we built our business with the support of the industry. From our friends on the Ridge, to NorCal, to the global community of customers, dealers and industry partners that we are today. As we’ve watched the industry evolve, grow, and accelerate, we recognized the need to continue our growth and evolution as well. We wanted to do it in our own way – as we always have – with like-minded partners who shared our values, and our commitments to the cannabis community.

It is in this spirit that we found our partner in Eteros Technologies and their Mobius brand. As two independent, family-owned companies, we see things the same way. We share a passion for manufacturing in the regions we serve. We enjoy the challenges of innovation and love to build things. Our teams are filled with caring, driven people who love a challenge and love the industry. These values, and our passion for what we do are what brought us together under a single company.

As part of Eteros Technologies, Triminator, and Mobius will exist independently as they always have. Now, as a single organization, we’re able to leverage our greater engineering, sales, training, and support resources to offer the most comprehensive suite of processing solutions on the market. Mobius will continue to focus on equipping and supporting those who are operating in large-scale, highly regulated environments, while Triminator will continue to focus on the needs of the traditional farmers who we have always supported.

As the founder of Triminator I’d like to thank you for your belief in us and invite you to join us in our continued evolution as part of the Eteros family.

Dana Mosman - Triminator CEO

Dana Mosman
Triminator Co-Founder

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