CBD Hemp Flower Harvesting Processes

high cbd hemp flowerOpportunities abound in the CBD hemp flower market with skyrocketing demand and a recent easing of
federal regulations paving the way for surefire success. Recent passage of the 2018 Farm Bill has again
thrust cannabis into the national spotlight. New regulations brought into effect by the bill allow for wide-
scale federal legalization of cannabis plants as long as these plants contain 0.3% Delta-9 THC or less –
the new parameters for industrial hemp. This classification allows for more widespread cultivation of
hemp and permits the plants and products derived from hemp flower to be transported across state lines
for commercial use. This new distinction opens doors for those looking to profit off of the production of
CBD hemp flower for its wide, exciting range of possibilities in commercial application.

CBD hemp flower can look and smell very similar to its psychoactive, THC heavy cannabis counterpartCBD Hemp Flower Dry Trimmer
but will not lead to any euphoric sensations associated with a common ‘high.’ The cannabinoid content
and chemical structure of CBD hemp flower also differ from more basic industrial hemp. Hemp intended
for strictly industrial purposes such as food, textiles, etc. has not been bred to have a high content of
cannabidiol (CBD). CBD hemp flowers have been bred to allow for terpene profiles with increased CBD
levels making this form of cannabis ideal for any application where high amounts of this compound are
desired. Highly refined CBD tinctures and oils can result in levels of CBD ranging from 3-25% of total
volume. While processed forms of CBD flower can yield high percentages, it is important to note that
using whole hemp flower can have synergistic effects with other cannabinoids and compounds in the
plant. Meaning a holistic approach to CBD consumption may lead to better results.

The current market for CBD flower is vast and growing. Reported benefits of using CBD are quicklyAerial Photo of Hemp Farm in Colorado
becoming mainstream with its many proven therapeutic effects and promise in treating a wide range of
disorders and conditions from seizures and cancer to anxiety and depression. These many health benefits,
alongside an ease of regulations on cannabis, have led to more businesses procuring, producing and
profiting from CBD products than ever before. This bodes well for hemp farms and hemp harvesters
across the world as the future looks bright for those in the CBD industry. Steady demand and increased
public awareness gives rise to new opportunities waiting to be taken advantage of.


The first step to a successful yield of CBD flower starts with utilizing the best hemp harvesting equipment
available. Triminator offers a range of products allowing hemp harvesters the ability to efficiently and
effectively take control of their processing abilities to deliver unsurpassed product while keeping costs

A look into two current methods of CBD hemp flower harvest – Dry Processed and Wet Processed –
highlights how Triminator equipment can provide multiple hemp harvest solutions:

CBD Flower – Dry Processed

  • The first step in the CBD hemp flower production process is to harvest live plants. With the
    newly released Kirpy CBD Hemp Harvester, the perfect tool for this application is now available.
    The Kirpy Harvester is an automatic, whole plant harvester specifically built for cutting,
    notching, and loading entire CBD hemp plants. This machine is capable of harvesting up to 5
    acres of hemp a day and is designed to keep plants safe and intact to maximize CBD potency.


  • After the harvest comes the next step of hang drying whole plants. This is fairly self-explanatory
    but important to insure potency and quality of product. Plants should be hung upside down in a
    well ventilated barn or drying chamber. Drying length can differ due to varying temperature and
    humidity levels and plants should be checked on every 3-7 days until thoroughly dried.


  • Next in the process is using the Buckmaster Pro to separate the stems off of the dried CBD hemp
    flowers. The Buckmaster is a crucial tool to increase productivity with its dual operator stations
    allowing for bucking up to 300lbs/hr. With a 100% duty cycle and tons of torque, this machine is
    built to work all day at maximum performance.


  • The last step to dry processing CBD hemp flower unleashes the fast and functional XL Dry
    Trimmer. This unit is built for speed and is the fastest dry trimmer in the world. Having the
    industry’s largest dry drum means trimming up to 60lbs/hr. Expertly engineered patented
    technology eliminates the need for lubricants allowing plant matter to stay pure and intact.

Hemp Harvesting Equipment

CBD Flower – Wet Processed

  • A wet processing of CBD hemp flower involves a somewhat different method in total but begins
    with the same step to harvest. The Kirpy CBD Hemp Harvester is the best option when harvesting
    large amounts of hemp plants and will keep any commercial grow operation functioning
    flawlessly. This machine can easily be attached to most tractors and trailers for a rapid harvest
    with minimal labor – sure to turn the hard working farmer into a happy hemp harvester.


  • Next up is the Buckmaster Pro again. With interchangeable wet or dry harvest plates, the
    Buckmaster Pro is customizable and built to suit many needs. This unit also caters to a wet
    harvest by being simple to clean with IP65 rated components that easily withstand frequent visits
    from the pressure washer.


  • The Triminator Wet is the perfect piece of equipment to follow bucking in the wet processing
    pipeline. Patented Trim Logic technology was designed to make this unit the industry’s most
    precise wet trimmer available. This leads to hemp flower that is hand-trimmed in quality at a
    production rate 90 times faster than any human can accomplish. A thoughtful design means that
    the Triminator Wet is always easy to clean and built to last a lifetime.


  • Drying is the last step of wet processing CBD hemp flower. Similar to the drying method of dry
    processed flower, trimmed wet flower should be placed in a dry, well ventilated environment.
    Trimmed hemp flowers can be arranged on a mesh screen or similar to encourage equal drying
    around the flower bud. If left on a flat surface to dry, make sure to rotate flower bud regularly to
    dry all sides equally and inhibit mold growth.

CBD Hemp Flower Wet Trimmed

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