Rosin Press Accessories

Tools for better solventless Extraction

All Rosin Press Accessories are compatible with the Triminator TRP and the Triminator TRP Stack.

Pre-Press Molds

Save Time

Decrease production time while increasing your ROI. Using a rosin pre-press mold allows you to quickly fill rosin bags and press more rosin in less time. The puck size is 4.5 x 4.5 inches allowing users to press two pucks side by side in the Triminator Rosin TRP and four pucks in the Triminator Rosin TRP Stack.


Compacted flower or kief moves around less inside the filter bag when pressed, reducing the chance of a blowout. With reduced blowouts, you are able to track your yields more accurately.


With dual magnetic closure, it’s easy to remove the cannabis or kief puck from the rosin pre-press mold.


Made from anodized aluminum.

How to Use A Rosin Pre-Press Mold