TRP Stack Solventless Commercial Rosin Press

The Professional Rosin Extraction Solution

Produce outstanding solventless rosin at scale with the Triminator TRP Stack Commercial Rosin Press. Preserve terpenes while pressing award-winning bubble hash, sift, and flower rosin. The revolutionary Rosin TRP Stack features multiple food-grade aluminum platens for faster production and patented Easy Pivot™ drip technology for terpene-rich, high-quality rosin.

In the competitive cannabis retail environment, the TRP Stack solventless Rosin Press allows growers to maximize their profit and create additional revenue by adding one of the most valuable SKUs to their retail offerings. Triminator’s innovative rosin press technology makes it easy for you to turn your product into market-leading rosin and cannabis concentrate.

TRP Stack
Commercial Rosin Press


Emerald Cup

 Used by 2019's Best Solventless Emerald Cup Award Winner

TRP Stack
Commercial Rosin Press


Higher terpene preservation. Greater yield. And a pure product. All at scale. How does the TRP Stack do it? With powerful innovation and patented technology.

 3X Aluminum Heat Platens

The design of the TRP Stack platens paired with the powerful 25 Ton BVA hydraulic cylinder enables the TRP Stack to produce the highest quality rosin at the lowest temperatures. This ensures maximum yields with little to no trichome and terpene loss.

Food Grade Components

All touchpoints are Food Safe, keeping your solventless rosin free from harmful chemicals and contamination. The TRP Stack meets all Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements. Easy-to-clean anodized surfaces and the patented Easy Pivot™ drip tech system make collection fast and sanitary.



It’s easy to see the difference in quality when using this press, I have 2 TRP stacks now to outfit my cold room and wouldn't think of using anything else.

– Paul Lopez | Pez Bro | pez_bro

Invest With Confidence

The Triminator TRP Stack Solventless Rosin Press is guaranteed for one full year and backed by the Triminator support team for the life of the product.

  • Master your rosin game today with the TRP Stack
  • Double-stacked platens for maximum speed
  • 25-ton for more yield (at terp-friendly temperatures)
    Easy Pivot™ drip tech system for rich terpene preservation


22 IN / 57 CM

27 IN / 69 CM

13 IN / 33 CM

151 LBS / 68 KG

Power Req
120 V, 20 P

Drip Tech

Platen Size
6 IN X 10 IN / 15 CM X 25 CM

Platen Count

Learn from our rosin education team

Set the Temperature

Individually adjust each platen’s temperature in a few easy clicks. Wait 15 minutes for the temperature to stabilize.

Note: This video features the original Triminator TRP Rosin Press with controls similar to the triple-platen TRP Stack.

Attach Your Pump

Attaching your hydraulic line is simple. Insert your hose and thread the connector together until they’re finger-tight. No tools are needed!

Fill Your Bags

Fill your rosin bags loosely to avoid breakage. Remember to position parchment paper below the TRP Stack when using the Easy Pivot drip tech system for terpene retention.

TRP Stack tutorial with Pez Bro

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best temperature for rosin?

It depends on your input material - and your rosin press. For high potency materials like bubble hash, aim low. A temperature of 170-180°F will work well.

For flower and trim, you’ll need more heat or pressure to flow the oil out of the biomass. Think 190-210°F, but no more than 220°F.

Note: These temperature stats may be significantly higher if you’re not using the TRP Stack when lower pressures are used.

Does the TRP Stack include a pump?

No. Like most commercial rosin presses, the TRP Stack does not include a pump. You have the option of completing your system with the pump of your choice. You may choose hand or air over a hydraulic pump to complement the press.

Manual pumps (operated by hand) have the best feel and modulation but take the most effort.

Air hydraulic pumps are the perfect mix of ease, modulation, and speed but require an external air compressor.

Which pump is best?

The type of pump you choose is a personal preference and depends greatly on how you will be using the press. Manual pumps give you a better feel and modulation but require more effort. Air hydraulic pumps, can have more modulation and speed but require an external air compressor.

How do you clean the TRP Stack?

Wipe down with a wet cloth. You may use soap but avoid harsh chemicals. If using alcohol, be sure to clean thoroughly afterward.

How much force does the TRP Stack use?

The TRP is rated for a nominal 25-ton cylinder.

Why is the cylinder on the bottom of the press?

We put the cylinder on the bottom to allow better visibility and to give it a lower center of gravity so it’s more stable.

Does the TRP Stack pair with any other rosin tools or accessories?

We offer a variety of rosin accessories to optimize your extraction process, including nylon rosin press bags, parchment paper, rosin pre-press molds, and a rosin starter kit.

What type of oil do I need to refill my pump?

AW-46 or any hydraulic oil.

How is rosin made?

Rosin production is a combination of heat and pressure; the higher the pressure the lower the temperature required to maximize the yield. This high-pressure, low-temperature formula will result in higher quality rosin since fewer terpenes will be lost in the process.

What is BVA?

BVA is a leader in Hydraulic equipment and all BVA components are backed by one of the industry's leading warranties.

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