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Shredmaster / Shredmaster HD

Our multi-purpose ShredMasters can be used to quickly reduce buds and whole plants to the perfect size for biomass drying. Additionally, they can be used in cannabis waste processing to reduce wet and dry waste material to shreds in seconds making it unrecognizable. Multiple industrial sizes offer seamless integration into any facility.

Size Reduction for Industrial Hemp and Cannabis

The ShredMaster HD series is the larger version of our standard ShredMasters. Designed for large scale and industrial applications, the ShredMaster HD is designed with more powerful motors and frames to quickly shred large volumes of whole plants and flowers. With a standard 5/16″ output size, the ShredMaster can be used ahead of biomass drying, fresh extraction, or as a size reducer for wet and dry waste. Multiple sizes offer seamless integration into any facility.

  • Food Safe (optional)
  • Quiet
  • Safe
  • Low Maintenance
  • Multi-Use
Material Output Diameter

5/16 in / 7.87 mm

Shredding Chamber

15 IN x 15 IN, 12 IN x 12 IN

AC Voltage

3 – Phase 480 V


Stainless Steel, Aluminum/Carbon Steel

1 review for Shredmaster / Shredmaster HD

  1. Rachel Morris

    Use the whole plant. This beast has upped our compost game.

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