the Maker Hash Washer

Enter the new age of ice water extraction with The Maker™ hash washer. Achieve optimal trichome separation and high yields of potent extract. Developed in collaboration with some of the best hash producers, the Maker™ is designed to deliver top-tier bubble hash for solventless labs.

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Maker™ Standard


Maker™ XL


Commercial-Scale Hash Washer

The Maker™ brings a new level of productivity to commercial bubble hash production. Available in 65- or 20-gallon capacity models, you can supercharge your ice water extraction and scale your equipment to fit your needs.

Crafted with food-grade materials and manufactured in North America, each Maker™ hash washer is built using durable, sanitary welded stainless steel. This not only ensures effortless cleaning but also allows users to maintain a clean wash environment, surpassing the limitations of plastic-based solutions.

Optimized Trichome Separation

| Custom Automatic Washing Cycles

Customize your wash sequence parameters to create unique washing cycles. Easily save and replicate specific washes for ultimate customization and repeatability. Adjust and save any of the following on your hash washer:

  • RPM speed
  • Run time (each direction)
  • Rest time between switching directions
  • Total run time

| Ultra-Cool Temperatures

The thick insulation sleeve helps reduce ice usage by up to 50% and is removable for easy cleaning. Monitor and maintain optimal temperatures with the large built-in thermometer.

| Gentle on Trichomes

Our patent-pending, no-shear impeller imitates the effects of hand washing creating an effective yet gentle vortex for easy trichome separation.

Premium Features Come Standard

All-Inclusive Pricing

Unlike most hash washers on the market, the Maker™ comes complete with no additional parts required for operation. The Maker™ is ready to wash with a water pump, collection vessel, and base frame all included.

Maker™ Standard
Maker™ XL
Low Temp
Pure Pressure
Volume20 GAL65 GAL75 GAL30-65 GAL
HMI Controls
Washing Vessel
Collection Vessel
Elevated Stand
Micron Bags
Water Pump

Reduce Labor and Increase Efficiency

All-in-one system and automatic washing free up personnel for other tasks. Water transfer pump comes standard on the Maker™ for easy operation and water disposal. Save time and labor mixing and complete multiple washes in one day.

Food-Grade Sanitary Design

| All-Stainless Construction

The Triminator Maker™ is built with 304 stainless steel to meet the highest sanitation standards.

| GMP-Ready

FDA-approved food-safe components are ready for any GMP-certified facility.

| Easy Cleaning System

Reduce downtime with the built-in tilt system for quick and easy cleaning. Industrial quarter-turn valves make cleaning the hash washer simple and fast.


Intelligent Design

User-Friendly Interface

Designed with the user in mind, the interface needs no instructions for operation. Save wash cycle recipes to repeat the perfect wash every time.

Quick Clamp Sanitary Fittings

Quick water hookups for fresh and recycled water to run through the washer and easy cleanup after each cycle.

False Bottom

A perforated stainless steel false bottom protects your trichomes during the wash process allowing them to settle into a turbulent-free zone below the vortex.

Designed for Extractors

The Maker™ hash washing system includes everything you need to produce top-quality bubble hash for solventless extraction. The 20- and 65-gallon models come equipped with micron bags, a collection vessel, and an insulated sleeve for seamless trichome separation.

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Triminator Maker FAQs

The Maker™ XL can hold up to 65 gallons, and the Maker™ Standard can hold up to 20 gallons.