Shredmaster Series

Commercial Hemp and Cannabis Shredders

Versatile Application

ShredMaster angled view

Quick Size Reduction

Effortlessly shred all cannabis and CBD hemp plants, buds, and stems to create perfectly sized biomass. ShredMasters can be used for waste or preprocessing for biomass drying or extraction operations.

Food Safe

Stainless steel option with food-safe lubricants creates a clean option for extractors and other facilities seeking the highest standards.

Shred Wet or Dry

Quickly shred any plant material with quiet and clean efficiency, no matter the moisture content.


Professional grade

Safety First

Designed for safe operation with front-mounted controls for easy access and an emergency stop button for fast machine shut-down.

Quiet Operation

The exhaust-free low-speed electrical motors provide a quiet, efficient operating environment

Ergonomic Design

Right-height hoppers reduce the need for unsafe ladders or stools and make loading fast and easy.

This shredder really decreased our monthly waste output and we couldn’t be happier with all of our new toys.

– Alan Godfried


Models & Specifications


Power: 3 HP | 5 HP

Feed Rate: 300 LBS / HR | 500 LBS / HR

Electrical Voltage: 220 V

Shredding Chamber: 12 IN x 12 IN

Material Output Diameter: 5/16 IN

Shredmaster HD

Power: 10 HP | 15 HP | 20 HP

Feed Rate: 1,000 LBS / HR | 1,500 LBS / HR | 2,000 LBS / HR

Electrical Voltage: 3 - Phase, 480 V

Shredding Chamber: 15 IN x 15 IN

Material Output Diameter: 5/16 IN

Farm Ready

Built in USA

Hand-built in the US for the highest level of craftsmanship and reliability.


Made with UL-listed electrical parts and industrial-grade materials for worry-free operation in all commercial applications.

Shred with Confidence

Backed by our one-year warranty for peace of mind no matter what you shred.

Ready to find out more?

ShredMaster FAQs

Cannabis and hemp shredders are specialized machines designed to break down plant material into smaller pieces. Cannabis production results in waste, so there are several reasons why this equipment is useful. Shredded plant- and other materials can be compacted and disposed of efficiently, which reduces the need for storage space and provides an easy total green waste solution. Flower can be shredded for a reduced and consistent particle size for extraction purposes. The shredders can also be used for reducing cannabis and hemp to a homogenous biomass for quick and easy drying.